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Music Around the World for Saxophone and Piano

Mary Au and Chika Inoue

As part of the ICP 3rd Sunday Concert series,  Chika Inoue and Mary Au presented “Music Around the World for Saxophone and Piano” to an enthusiastic crowd of 45-50 music lovers on Sunday, November 19th.

With Chika Inoue on saxophone and Mary Au at the piano, the concert featured music from Japanese, German, Armenian, Belgian, and U.S. composers.

One piece, “Behind Barbed Wire,” portrayed the terrors of war and what happened to Japanese Americans post-EO9066, through a combination of music, Haiku and Tanka poems written by internees, and video with home movie camera footage. It was written by Deon Nielsen Price, a widely performed and recorded composer and pianist, who is now a resident of the Presidio.

Mary Au and Chika Inoue

Download the program: Chika Inoue and Mary Au


Paint and Refreshing at Chapel

The Presidio Trust Building Maintenance Department had a crew painting the exterior of the Presidio Chapel beginning on October 23rd, 2017.

Some photos before the work:

A pressure washer on the parking side readies to clean the walls:

pressure washer on parking side


Restriping the parking lot