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Pastoral Care Teams for Fire Victims

Ordained Clergy/Mental Health Professionals Asked to Self Organize as Pastoral Care Teams for Fire Victims

The City of Santa Rosa has requested help with their repopulation efforts of neighborhoods affected by the recent, and ongoing, catastrophic fires. The City has requested Pastoral Care and Mental Health teams to be made available this  Wednesday through Sunday (October 18 – 22), 8 am – 5pm, to be present as areas open up one by one. During this time only residents and approved support personnel will be allowed into neighborhoods.

*Please note that this is a tentative schedule as any opening of affected areas is on approval for safety by CAL Fire.


Teams of 3-5, ordained ministers or licensed mental health professionals moving together through neighborhoods offering emotional support to persons in area. Please note that even those with houses still standing may be deeply affected by this incident.

Teams once formed will register the Emotional and Spiritual Care Officer (contact listed below). They will be given directions and a time to meet for the opening they are assigned to assist with. Teams can register for multiple days. Please register as soon as possible; people must be registered and vetted to be allowed in. Vetting will be a simple verification of the team’s association with the Congregation or Organization they claim affiliation with.

Once the restrictions on neighborhoods have been lifted, and public access is granted, teams can assist as they are moved to do so; many opportunities to help those affected by this fire exist well after this initial effort is concluded.

For more information, click here.

Northern California Wildfires: How Can You Give/Receive Help?

From the Marin Interfaith Council:

Dear MIC Community,

The recovery from the Northern California wildfires will continue for the foreseeable future as our prayers and support continue to flow toward all those affected. Below are ways you can give or receive help in the wake of last month’s wildfires.

Give Help

In addition to donating to Redwood Credit UnionCenter for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership, Sonoma County Resilience Fund, and the Red Cross, there are many ways to offer support, including:

  • Offer Spiritual/Emotional Support in Santa Rosa: An opportunity for clergy and counselors to offer support that is coordinated by The Salvation Army. For more information, click on the link above or contact Captain Anthony Barnes at (623) 692-1868.

Resources for those Affected by the Fires

If you are aware of other organizations providing assistance, please contact our Administrative Assistant at .img@.img, and we will share these additional resources on our Facebook page.