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During 2009 and 2010, the Interfaith Center was privileged to work with Junaid Islam and his crew from Vidder.com on an innovative method for video streaming. During that time, volunteers from the Center learned about webcasting and videotaping. We were able to webcast a number of video interviews from the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne in December 2009, as well as other events at the Center itself.

Junaid and Vidder unfortunately moved in a different direction, but the folks at the Center have caught the bug, and we are working out other ways to make video an ongoing part of our work. Many of the 2009 interviews have been edited, and are available at Spiritual Resources.

We are exploring other ways to offer webcasting and archived video presentations. We will add videos to our Video page as they are ready.

About ICP and Its Resources

  • The Interfaith Center is a coalition of more than a dozen multi-religious organizations that encourage membership from anyone committed to healthy relationships among followers of different religious and spiritual traditions, including non-believers.
  • We do not seek a new religion but rather friendly, engaged relationships which honor our differences while celebrating the values and goals we share.
  • The Center’s ground-rules are summed up in a commitment to mutual respect, honesty, and good will. We ask people not to proselytize or denigrate another’s tradition while participating in Center activities.
  • The Center’s activities and resources are all generated with these same values – respecting each other in our full diversity and building bridges of friendship and shared values grounds everything we do.
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